The Gorge NZ

I approached "Upshift studio" in Nelson, and was granted the opportunity of some work experience where I was to provide a concept design for one of their clients 'The Gorge NZ'. The brand specializes in providing amazing mountain bike experience across their 54 tracks in the Nelson Wairou Valley. The aim of the project was to investigate a possible expansion of the brand into various forms of merchandise. I tested the logo on a variety of merchandise and found that while it had the ability to carry itself well, it could also be enhanced. By incorporating more visual inspiration from the tracks of the Gorge NZ in stickers and on t-shirts, the brand could be more powerfully displayed. In Researching current merchandise in biking and outdoor exploration, I was inspired by the use of topography in 'trail funds' long sleeve tshirts into their merchandise. My final designs explored a variety of applications of topography design available to the brand using simple shapes to more full bodied prints taking the design onto the sleeves.
sticker design