Colour Code

'Colour Code' originated from a Massey paper called ‘Creative industry', which focused on creating a stall offering a product, activity or service for a shared marketplace. Working within a team alongside Dora, Giverny, Lewis and Olivia, we shared ideas and explored different products until we settled on reusable eco bags. As we progressed with the idea and investigated production cost, we realized that this idea was not feasible to us and had to begin a quest to search for a new idea.On review of an earlier idea we redesigned our stalls offering as a colouring stall after the recent success of colouring in as a form of relaxing and stress relief. Using Kerby Rosanes style from his art and colouring book 'Anmorphia' as an inspiration, we combined our ideas into the final outputs of a 3m x 1.5m colouring wall and a collection of postcards with which users could share their experience.